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How to get caught up in a web of money





Considering how many hours we put in to surfing the web each week it makes sense to spend at least some of that time productively. Therefore, we asked a number of online gurus to give us their top tips on how it can be used to help generate a full or part-time income.

* Become an eBay trader. The site has been going since 1995 and boasts more than a million users across the globe. It can be used to buy and sell virtually anything – and your 'shop' can be viewed 24 hours a-day.

* Sell goods you've made online. Stepping on from eBay trading is manufacturing the goods that you sell. This can include anything and everything from model cars and plates to jewellery and clothing. Services such as create.net enable you to set up your own online shop.

* Start up a blog. There are a staggering number of blogs around the world but setting one up and building a loyal readership cannot only provide a source of income but a potential springboard to full and part-time work opportunities.

Journalist Susie Boniface is a prime example. As Fleet Street Fox (fleetstreetfox.com) she wrote an opinionated blog as a way to move from national newspaper reporter to columnist – and it resulted in a book deal. The Diaries Of A Fleet Street Fox was published.

* Take online surveys. The deal is that you answer questions or review products and get rewarded. While it won't make you thousands of pounds it's still a smart way to boost your income, according to Guy Anker of MoneySavingExpert.com.

* Set up a photo library. If you are a budding photographer then why not sell your images? You can, of course, set up your own website but it will be up to you to generate "traffic" to your site in order to make sales.

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An alternative is to sign up to sites such as istockphoto.com and earn upwards of 15% commission every time one of your images is downloaded.