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JJB is losing the game

By David Elliot

It's bad when you can't afford to give your shops a lick of paint. News that JJB Sports has put itself up for sale is just another indicator of the troubles having an impact on our high street retailers.

The fact it can't get funding to revamp its shops is worrying, while the reasons its profit margins are being hit give an interesting insight in to how the patchy weather over the summer can have an influence even on such a large company.

JJB said the lack of sunshine meant fewer customers through the doors of the Wigan-based company and that's hit turnover.

And for JJB, that's not the only reason, with a lack of interest in replica shirts from the Euro 2012 football championships adding to the company's woes. Perhaps because the tournament which would normally be the peak of the summer's sporting events found itself overshadowed by the Olympics.

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