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Let's preserve our past


Business Editor Margaret Canning

Business Editor Margaret Canning

Business Editor Margaret Canning

Owning a modern home can be stressful enough at times – but what if you have a elegant but austere architectural gem which has been in your family for generations, gradually costing you more and more every year until circumstances force you to part with it.

That has been the plight of two Northern Ireland families, the Macnaghtens and McCauslands, whose homes are on the market and have attracted strong interest from potential buyers. The McCausland home of Drenagh Estate in Limavady continues as a successful wedding venue despite administration – while the Macnaghtens hope that Dundarave will be bought by an owner occupier.

As Olwen Purdue writes, these homes are of massive historical interest. Let's hope their buyers can combine business nous with a desire to conserve their pasts.

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