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Make a sweet bet on 2013's Easter eggs

You may not realise it but you've probably just had exposure to one of the world's most volatile commodity markets.

The price of Easter eggs or bars of chocolate is driven by the price of cocoa futures.

Cocoa beans, from which chocolate is made, stand at around £1,400 a tonne at present, nearly £1,000 a tonne lower than a 33-year high two years ago and that should mean you've just paid a lot less for your Easter eggs.

The reason for the 2010 rally was a poor crop in the world's largest grower of cocoa beans Ivory Coast. The region had a better harvest last year, but word has it that a lack of rain across the West Africa cocoa belt is likely to result in another poor crop.

So, it might be worth learning from your recent unwitting brush with the cocoa market and going long on Easter eggs for next year.

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