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Opinion: Glut of outlets a threat to one-stop shop


 Lesley Houston

Lesley Houston

Lesley Houston

Up until recently I was a faithful Tesco shopper, rarely spending under £100 on my weekly shop. But lately my habits have shifted toward more of a drip-feed approach, driven less by design than convenience.

Sometimes I'll venture into Sainsbury's but I remain unconvinced of the better-than-Tesco hype espoused by some friends.

If I am feeling very lazy, I'll end up in M&S.

I know I will find quality food, delicious recipe dishes and many novel and sumptuous lines, but partly due to the fact I'm on an unending fat-fighting mission, I (usually) steer clear of prepared dishes.

Lately, I find myself begrudgingly nipping into my local EuroSpar for staples.

But what I most enjoy lately are my jaunts into the Chinese supermarket for exotic delights like dried, whole spices and hands-down best-priced bumper packs of chicken.

I reach for the loo roll in Lidl – and still get excited by its weird variety of household goods and exciting little (edible) finds I used to have to haul home in suitcases from the Continent.

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But I am inevitably drawn back to the vast chiller cabinets of Tesco – for everything in one fell swoop... when I have the time, or the inclination – and a fleece in the car.