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Record bubbly sales simply corking

By David Elliott

Forget your PMIs, GDPs and MPCs; a new barometer of prosperity in the Northern Ireland economy has emerged and it's registering a strong increase in activity.

We have it on good authority from United Wine Merchants that sales of top notch champagne Bollinger reached record levels in the first quarter of 2013 here in Northern Ireland, up 14% on the same time last year.

That obviously means we're feeling more confident, and more so than the rest of the world where champagne sales have fallen 5% since the start of the year, although we can't get a figure for the total champagne sales in Northern Ireland.

An interesting indicator of economic health and maybe one that isn't so far from the mark.

The success of nail bars (the ones that tend to your fingers) have often been used in London as a mark of how well the city's doing while Big Macs are used to index currencies throughout the world by The Economist magazine.

So is it to be champagne for Northern Ireland? Or maybe pastie baps would be more representative?

Suggestions on a postcard.

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