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Ryanair O'Leary in U-turn over seat booking

You've got to hand it to Michael O'Leary. From announcing that he's thinking about charging to use the toilets on his Ryanair planes to a look at implementing standing room, the maestro from Mullingar knows no boundaries when it comes to flying.

His latest plan isn't so much pushing the boundaries of aviation as going back over well-trodden ground. Ryanair, the company which pioneered the concept of non-reserved seating, is going to offer customers the option of booking a seat. Talk about a u-turn.

Of course, its going to charge for it - €10 a seat - but its found enough demand from an initial trial to extend it to other routes and might decide to it throughout the network.

You might like to think that Mr O'Leary doesn't listen to his customers but in this case it seems he has. It would certainly make a nice change from the runway dash that currently occurs.