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This will be the shot in the arm that we need

We are part of a global company, CRH, but as Northstone we have a turnover of £285m, operating in Northern Ireland in the construction industry.

We are in unprecedently difficult economic times, yet we see opportunities for growth by moving into new market areas.

Reducing corporation tax would create a huge incentive for firms like us which are part of a global company.

We put in applications with our parent to build new facilities and factories as our aim is to broaden business out to tap into new markets and participate more in the UK market.

But we are an economy with 24% corporation tax adjacent to a country which has a rate of 12.5%. So development here has to compete with the south, which is a big problem for us.

We also have to compete for funds with other countries, from America right across to China. Of all the countries in which CRH operates, the UK is one of the higher corporation tax areas.

We may have much lower wages and costs of doing business but that's all balanced out by our higher corporation tax.

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But with low corporation tax comes the opportunity to build factories that will manufacture things. It would be a shot in the arm for us to justify more development for Northern Ireland.