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Thugs doing a fine job of ruining our country

the racist attack on the home of two Nigerian men in Belfast this week is incredibly sickening and embarrassing for Northern Ireland.

For a society which is meant to have moved on from the days when difference was something to be hated, it is especially galling, not to mention counterintuitive.

The excuse often touted by the racist minority is "they are here to take our jobs".

Such an ignorant and short-sighted view point isn't wholly unexpected from those willing to carry out such acts of violence so it's unlikely they're aware they are in fact cutting their own chance of getting a job, if such low-lifes deserve the chance at employment.

If I were an overseas multinational investor thinking of setting up a base in Europe, one of the key attributes I'd look for was a liberal and multicultural society, something which we're thankfully becoming.

On hearing news of this week's attack in Belfast I'd have no hesitation in crossing Northern Ireland off my list of possible destinations. The thugs, in their stupidity, ruin Northern Ireland in a multitude of ways.

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