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Tills ringing as sunny spell works its magic

As the sun sets on another blisteringly hot day (insert usual 'hard-working-journalist-who-doesn't-get-time-to-see-the-sun' comment here) you can't help noticing how Northern Ireland is transformed into a Mediterranean-style country. That's bound to be good news for certain sectors of the business community, particularly those in the hospitality arena with outdoor seating.

A quick walk along Royal Avenue yesterday (oops, that's given the game away) and the pavements were groaning with coffee drinkers, diners and, encouragingly for the retail sector, shoppers.

We may not get it very often but the warm weather certainly brings people out and about and it seems our businesses are more prepared than ever to take advantage of the increased demand.

But for those of you who sell umbrellas, heating oil or coats, I've just checked the forecast and if it's correct it will be you who's smiling today.

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