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Time for phone addicts to make a smart move

In the relative old days you used to be able to shut down the office PC, go on holiday and relax. Not so anymore.

Any of you who have taken your smartphone on holiday will be all too aware of the 'I'll just check my work e-mails' moment which is difficult to resist.

Having done this on many occasions I have now determined to disable, break or otherwise throw away said device on holiday as it only leads to either the discovery of an e-mail which ruins your relaxed mood or an argument with a partner for breaking the no-work embargo. Sometimes it can be both.

But it seems I'm not alone. Research for Ofcom shows more than a third of adults and a majority of teenagers classify themselves as smartphone addicts. Owners of the devices are more likely to use them during social occasions, at mealtimes and even in the bathroom and toilet.

Surely this is getting out of hand? Yes they're great business tools but the sooner we learn that use in moderation is the key, the better.

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