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Tough times for those with grand designs

By David Elliott

When it comes to the minutiae of data releases we tend to defer to a man who lives and breathes numbers, trends and complex economic equations.

Some say his duvet cover has the print of a never-ending Pythagoras theorem but all we know is he's called the Stat.

For the employment data he's found some interesting comparisons from the Office of National Statistics showing how many people were looking for different types of jobs in July 2012 compared to the July 2007, a month many consider to be the last of the boom times.

These figures show how the recession has impacted different sectors and make interesting reading.

For instance, there were over 4,000 people looking for work in the construction industry in 2012 compared to under 1,000 in 2007. And there are 215 architects looking for a job now compared to just 30 in July 2007.

An architecture degree takes seven years to complete, meaning many leave university with huge debts. After years of learning to draw intricate building designs these highly-skilled workers now have their designs limited to drawing benefits from a building dole queue.

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