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Wiggins' win to spark positive chain reaction

By Margaret Canning

It's been a tough week for Hein Gericke, the retailer of motorbike accessories which has gone into administration.

Sales of its goods have been hit in the global downturn -though there are a few bikers in this newsroom awaiting their opportunity to snap up some bargain leathers and boots, if a decision is taken to hold closing down sales.

But cycling is a two-wheeled sport running on the free fuel of human energy, and which has enjoyed a growth in popularity.

It's challenging - but cheap - and easier on the joints than running and many team sports.

Home-grown success Chain Reaction Cycles has benefited from cycling's recessionary rebirth but has also earned plenty of fans from its good customer service.

Now Chain Reaction Cycles and its ilk will hope for a powerful resurgence of the sport after the gold medal victory of Bradley Wiggins.

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