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Boeing boss to address probe on Bombardier

By John Mulgrew

A Westminster committee will hear evidence this week from Boeing's top boss in Europe over its clash with rival Bombardier on sales to the US.

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee will hear from Sir Michael Arthur, president of Boeing Europe, as part of its inquiry into Bombardier.

The session will examine the complaints made by Boeing against Bombardier and the wider impact on manufacturing in Northern Ireland.

Boeing claims Bombardier, which has around 4,000 staff here, has had its C Series aircraft subsidised, and says it has been 'dumping' planes - selling them at below cost price.

As a result, the US Department of Commerce imposed a preliminary 300% duty on sales to America.

The committee has already heard from Bombardier and trade union Unite over the potential impact to the Northern Ireland workforce, which makes the wings and part of the C Series fuselage.

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