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Irish firm may open local offices to help with Brexit problems

By Margaret Canning

An Irish digital marketing company has said it may open offices in Northern Ireland to help companies with the challenges of Brexit.

Atlantic Digital, which is based in Cork, said it's looking at Belfast, Armagh and Londonderry as possible locations.

Managing director Allan Beechinor said the company, which also works in software development and logistics, had teamed up with Finn Media in Donegal to help firms in the post-Brexit era.

He said that the vote to leave the EU had shocked the Irish business world.

But he said there was hope that business cooperation could continue to flow between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

"I suppose I'm an optimist. Coming from a tech standpoint, it's just another challenge to overcome," he said.

"And certainly an opportunity for companies north and south to work together."

Atlantic specialises in software development, e-commerce and logistics, through a partnership with Euroroute Logistics in Dublin.

Its client portfolio includes medical and pharmaceutical firms - "anyone exporting and using online platforms".

On firms on either side of the border working together, one possible example could be offering warehousing in Dublin to a company in Northern Ireland, so that it could ship its goods out into the single market.

Mr Beechinor said he believed reactions among businesspeople in the Republic were calming. He said: "I have had a number of meetings with business owners and we now feel there's an opportunity there, to make Ireland a gateway into Europe."

He said his firm could also help companies get to grips with legislation in new markets, logistics and freight-forwarding.

Atlantic currently employs 15 people, but says it believes there is growth potential in Northern Ireland.

"We are actively seeking an office and registering a company up there.

"We'd start modestly with two to four employees."

Denis Finnegan, of Finn Media, said its work with Atlantic Digital would ease the "boardroom headaches" created by the need to explore new markets.

"Moving operations to other jurisdictions brings a whole range of new challenges for organisations, but our new partnership can ensure those challenges are met with minimum disruption.

"Our new partnership is designed to help these companies find their feet."

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