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Merkel urges UK to stay 'part and parcel' of the EU

By Emma Clarke

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that EU states negotiate better deals than those lying outside of the union as she urged the UK to remain a member.

The German leader said she wanted the UK to stay "part and parcel of the EU", adding it was in the interests of both Germany and the UK.

Speaking during a news conference in Berlin, she said Germany and the UK work well together when lobbying the EU. In comments translated by the BBC, Ms Merkel added: "We work well together with the UK, particularly when we talk about new rules for the EU.

"We have to develop those together with the UK, and whenever we negotiate that, you can much better have an influence on the debate when you sit at the bargaining table, and you can give input to those negotiations.

"The result will then invariably be better rather than (if you were sitting) outside of the room."

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