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Derrick Harkness: 'I'm always careful with credit cards'

By Staff Reporter

Derrick Harkness is the sales director of Maine Soft Drinks in Ballymoney - a business best known for its home deliveries of brightly-coloured minerals by the 'Maine Man'.

Q: Are you a plastic or cash person?

A: I was brought up to carry cash and like to always have money in my pocket.

Q: How much money do you usually carry around with you?

A: Possibly £50 to £100.

Q: Do you see personal debt (ie credit card, personal loans) as inevitable or best avoided?

A: Personal loans are inevitable in this day and age. They are also a good way to improve your credit rating, when paid off in time, of course. I feel credit cards are ideal when used for any online purchases, but these amounts should be best cleared as soon as possible before interest charges.

Q: Apart from a house or car, what's the most expensive thing you've ever bought?

A: A rowing machine similar to the model Kevin Spacey uses on The House of Cards television series.

Q: Are you a saver or a spender?

A: Unfortunately, a spender, but only what I can afford.

Q: What are your best and worst spending habits?

A: I can go without spending money for quite a while, but then I get the urge for some retail therapy. I can be a sucker for the latest exercise machines.

Q: Did you get pocket money as a child. If so, what was the first sum you received in pocket money?

A: I remember getting 50p per week for a short period of time.

Q: Did you have a part-time job as a youngster? What was it?

A: I worked many Saturdays as a helper on our lemonade vans in and around Belfast with my father. It was early starts and late finishes.

Q: If you had a huge fortune, would you leave it to your children?

A: I have one daughter and would like to be able to leave a good amount for her.

Q: Where do you do your food shopping?

A: I usually do small day-to-day purchasing in Asda, Tesco or other stores.

Q: Did the recession teach you anything about personal finances that you are bringing with you into the recovery?

A: To have some sort of savings set aside for leaner times.

For more than 60 years, soft drinks by Maine in Co Antrim have been sold door to door by the 'Maine man'. The drinks are also listed in Tesco, Spar, Centra, SuperValu and Asda

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