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I always splurge on a good holiday

Stephen Mills, business development and marine manager at McCue Crafted Fit and McCue Marine in Carrickfergus, Co Antrim talks about his finances.

Q. Are you a plastic or cash person?

A. Generally cash, although I now like having the option to tap my phone or debit card to pay for things quickly and safely.

Q. How much money do you usually carry around with you?

A. Always £100 - if something happened and for some reason a card machine wasn't working or in an emergency, it's always good to carry a little cash.

Q. Apart from your house or car, what's the most expensive thing you've ever bought?

A. I will always splurge on a good holiday. I'm not overly materialistic, but I enjoy experiences, and love to travel. Working at McCue Crafted Fit, I have an eye for interior detail, and so I like to check out the interiors of high class establishments whilst I'm away.

Q. Did you get pocket money as a child? If so, what was the first sum you received in pocket money?

A. Yes, I used to receive £1, which went a rather a long way back in those days, and I was very grateful for it, as half of it went was saved in the piggy bank and half on sweets.

Q. If you had a huge fortune, would you leave it to your children?

A. I would leave some of it to my kids, as I think it would be great to give them a boost, however, I'd rather a lot went to benefit good causes.

Q. Did the recession teach you anything about personal finances that you are bringing into the recovery?

A. Very much so - I believe you should live within your means and not stretch yourself too far.

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