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Company Report: Camden Group Ltd

By John Simpson

The Camden Group manufactures uPVC double glazed windows, doors and associated glass panels. It is family-owned business run by directors Brian and Kieran Lavery.

The business is based in Antrim.

In the most recent trading results, to March 2016, there was a continuing increase in annual turnover reaching £38.7m.

The company faced considerable financial pressure on operating profits in the years 2011-2013 followed by a recovery to profitable results in 2014-2016 but with reduced profit margins in 2016.

Pre-tax profits have been lower than operating profits after taking account of net interest payments. In the most recent year pre-tax results were also adversely affected by exceptional costs of £1.1m.

The firm said challenges came from increasing raw material costs and the pressures of maintaining sales.

In the last decade, Camden enjoyed a period of expansion based upon both major capital investment within the business and the purchase of the related type of business, then trading as K McAnallan, later renamed Camden Glass.

Capital investment in 2016 continued at a high level of nearly £5.9m.

These large investments have been linked to a substantial increase in employment.

Employment fell to an average of 414 people in 2012-13 and since then has increased year by year, reaching 579.

The balance sheet value of shareholders' funds, reflecting the poorer trading results in 2015-16, have fallen to £8.8m.

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