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Company Report: Camlin


Camlin is a family-controlled holding company with nearly 20 subsidiaries, based in Lisburn. The recent history of the group confirms that the organisation is developing a number of knowledge-based products and services with international marketing ambitions. In the last three years the annual accounts reveal expanding turnover, a major emphasis on research and development and improving profitability.

There are nine subsidiaries reflecting a range of service developments and a presence in other countries, including Australia and Russia. A further group of subsidiaries of Camlin Technologies are registered in seven other European countries. Under Kelvatek there are three further subsidiaries, including a presence in India and China.

Annual turnover in each of the two most recent years averaged almost £25m. With this greatly increased turnover, the group has reported positive operating and pre-tax profits, although trading in the year to June 2015 generated better returns. In 2014 the group reported trading losses but this has been followed by positive figures in the years since then.

An interesting aspect of the financial report has been the way in which significant spending on research and development has been noted. R&D spending in the year to June 2016 cost £8.6m. Of this spending £2.7m was charged directly to the profit and loss account and £5.9m was capitalised as an addition to intangible assets. The scale of R&D spending has created a large total tax credit of £1.4m to be set against the profit and loss accounts.

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