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Company Report: Kilwaughter Holdings


John Simpson

By John Simpson

Kilwaughter Holdings, based in east Antrim, is a family-owned company with a group of subsidiaries in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, formerly known as Kilwaughter Chemicals.

The business is described as limestone quarrying and mineral processing.

In addition to its trading business, the group holds assets in investments and in investment property.

In the most recent year the group sold some of its unlisted investments for nearly £2m. In the previous year, investment sales totalled £8.2m.

The disposal of investments and the retention of post-tax profits helped to finance the transfer of dividends to the shareholders costing £20.3m two years ago and £2.1m more recently.

This group is continuing a long tradition of the quarrying of limestone along the east coast of Co Antrim.

Turnover has increased steadily in the last five years from £25m in 2013-14 to over £33.6m more recently. The increases have been associated with fairly stable levels of operating profits which fell in the most recent year by 15%.

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Adding net interest earnings in addition to operating profits has generated a higher level of pre-tax profits which also dipped in the last year.

Employment numbers, which averaged 130 in 2015-16, have increased to 157 in 2017-18.

Capital investment in the assets of the group has continued at significant levels averaging over £3m each of the last two years.

Kilwaughter Minerals recently announced the acquisition of Alumasc Facades from the Alumasc Group plc.

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