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Company Snapshot: Lagan Holdings Ltd

By John Simpson

Lagan Holdings is estimated to be the largest civil engineering and construction business owned and controlled in Northern Ireland.

Lagan Holdings consolidates the results for just over 50 other businesses which make up this group. It does not include the separately reporting business of Lagan Homes Ltd.

The results for the year to March 2009 show operating profits, as a proportion of turnover, fell from just over 9% in 2008 to 5.5% in 2009. Relatively, this is the lowest level in the last five years. A positive feature of the most recent results is the recovery in the value of turnover, after a sharp fall in 2008.

The company offers a mission statement that it aims to be ‘the most efficient, profitable and leading private building materials construction and civil engineering group in Ireland’

Even though profits fell in 2009, since other firms were facing serious trading problems, it is possible that Lagan Holdings might claim that accolade was merited.

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