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Company Report: Omniplex


John Simpson

By John Simpson

Omniplex Holdings is a subsidiary of a larger business which, in Northern Ireland, provides cinema services operating at 14 different addresses in Belfast, Bangor, Lisburn and Antrim.

Omniplex Holdings has been trading successfully in recent years and has enjoyed increasing levels of turnover.

In the year to October 2018, of the total revenue of over £20.3m, £11.7m was from admission charges to the cinemas.

Revenue of £7.5m came from shop sales and just under £1m was received to pay for screen advertising.

This group of businesses enjoyed supportive financial capital arrangements within the larger group.

As a result, the accounts reflect only modest interest charges on borrowed funds which seem to be owed largely to other group companies.

Pre-tax profits improved in the last three years and reached over £6m in the most recent year.

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The Northern Ireland company engaged in a capital spending programme of over £7m, which was much larger than in other recent years.

The trading and financing arrangements have created a rise in the balance sheet value of shareholders' funds.

The registered accounts show no distribution of profits as dividends to the shareholders.

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