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Corporation tax cut 'would help Ulster economy'

By Robin Morton

A lower rate of corporation tax in Northern Ireland would act as a catalyst for economic growth in the province, the boss of a leading Irish legal firm has said.

Pat Carroll, managing partner of Dublin-based A&L Goodbody, was speaking at a reception in Belfast last night held to mark the latest expansion of the law firm.

Addressing the function at Waterfront Hall, he said: " A low corporation tax regime is a key catalyst for creating a business environment that will foster sustained economic growth.

"The Republic has witnessed an unparalleled period of growth, the key success factors of which have included the quality of its young and highly educated workforce, an improving infrastructure, a highly accommodating policy and regulatory environment and, of course, a low corporation tax regime.

"We can see the same recipe for success taking shape here in Northern Ireland and we hope to make our contribution to the positive momentum going forward."

The call for a cut in corporation tax is a central plank of the Belfast Telegraph's Better Deal for Business campaign.

A&L Goodbody, which has offices in Dublin, London and the United States, has practised in Northern Ireland for many years but set up shop with an office in Belfast four months ago and employs 17 people.

Mr Carroll said: "The success to date of our Belfast operation is indicative of the genuine upturn in business confidence throughout Northern Ireland.

"We are intent on mirroring the success we've had in Dublin and establishing ourselves as the leading corporate law firm on the island of Ireland."

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