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Dublin link boosts business

By Andrea Clements

A Tyrone refrigerator recycling company has increased its turnover by 50% in the last year after taking part in a cross border business initiative.

TechRec Dungannon, thought to be the only company of its kind in Ireland, has secured lucrative recycling contracts through participating in the partnership project run through Invest NI's Innovation Relay Centre and the Innovation Relay Centre in Enterprise Ireland.

In fact, the firm formerly known as COD International, was acquired by Dublin-based TechRec Ireland during the collaboration project.

The companies worked together so that waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) from Northern Ireland could be collected by the Dungannon firm and routed to TechRec Ireland in Dublin, while used refrigerators from the Republic could be processed by TechRec (NI) in Dungannon. Martin O'Hagan, commercial director of TechRec (NI), said: "By teaming up with TechRec in Dublin, our export customer base and, subsequently, our turnover have soared."

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