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Fears that many balconies built in Celtic Tiger era are unsafe

By Ryan Nugent

Fears have been raised over potential defects to the balconies of some apartments built during the Celtic Tiger era.

The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) has warned that the "potential collapse of balconies is a real possibility" and highlighted timber-supported structures as a particular issue.

In a letter, seen by Belfast Telegraph's sister paper, addressed to property management companies and property owners, the SCSI said that water ingress in timber supports was a concern.

Noel Larkin, chairman of the Building Surveyor Group, said: "At the time there was a fairly extensive volume of building. If you look at the volume 10 or 15 years ago compared to today, the building industry was at full capacity or maybe beyond it.

"It's like everything else. If you're looking at speed, cost and time, something has to suffer."

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