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‘Maybe this is just what the Lisburn needs’... local people give their verdict on the proposal

Anne Creighton
Anne Creighton
Kate Leach
Sharon Gordon

By Stewart Robson

The news of a multi-million pound hotel coming to Lisburn was welcomed by people in the city.

The rain didn’t stop shoppers meandering through Lisburn Square, where Bill Wolsey’s development is set to be completed.

Sharon Gordon, along with her dog Alfie, moved to Lisburn recently.

“I think it’s a brilliant idea,” she said. “There’s very little in Lisburn to attract people here so I hope this will provide more opportunities for the city. The Premier Inn is a bit outside Lisburn so something more central is great.”

Kate Leach visited Northern Ireland 25 years ago and ended up marrying her husband who she calls “a good Ulsterman”. She’s described the plans as “fabulous”.

Pensioner Thomas Murray has lived in the city for over 20 years.

“A new hotel coming a little bit closer could help things,” he said. “After seven o’clock at night here, forget it. Even in Hillsborough there’s more life! But maybe this is what it needs.”

Anne Creighton was on her way to the hairdressers and voiced her support, saying: “This is a good idea and will bring a bit of life to the city and give a bit of variety.

“We’re still near Belfast and it’s a good base for anywhere really with the bus and train station nearby.

“Lisburn needs something to bring people here.”

David Flinn is part of Belfast Civic Trust, which promotes the need to conserve old architectural buildings.

“It’s brilliant,” he said. “I’ve met Bill Wolsey and he’s a fantastic developer. His heart is in it and he’s done tremendous things in Belfast. Rather than out-of-town shopping centres we need to concentrate on our town centres.”

Elizabeth Neiland said any investment is good for Lisburn, believing there’s been a decline in the town centre.

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