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New Northern Ireland proposal for licensing law 'baffling'

PSNI have launched their Christmas drink-driving campaign
PSNI have launched their Christmas drink-driving campaign
Ryan McAleer

By Ryan McAleer

Manufacturing NI chief executive Stephen Kelly has backed Hospitality Ulster in criticising plans for a limited change to Northern Ireland's licensing laws for 'special events' only.

It follows a consultation launched by the Department for Communities, largely seen as an effort to address issues in serving alcohol at The Open in Portrush this July.

Hospitality Ulster, which has lobbied for the modernisation of NI liquor licensing for years, has labelled it a "kneejerk response".

Now Mr Kelly has backed their calls for more wide-ranging reform of the law, claiming the limited change could hit local producers.

He said: "If these changes are implemented, we'll have the frankly baffling scenario where people can buy a bottle of mass produced American whiskey at a sporting event, but two miles down the road our award winning, world famous whiskey distilleries aren't allowed to sell a bottle of their product to those same tourists."

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