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Northern Ireland workers will not benefit from 'fair tips' legislation

The new legislation on tips will not extend to Northern Ireland
The new legislation on tips will not extend to Northern Ireland

People in Northern Ireland will not benefit from a planned new law to ensure workers get all their tips, a union has warned.

In the Queen's speech on Monday the government vowed to deliver on plans to make sure that restaurant waiting staff receive 100% of their tips.

It comes after it was revealed some major restaurant chains keep as much as 10% of tips paid by card.

Unite the Union has warned that local workers will miss out as the legislation will not extend to Northern Ireland as it is a devolved matter.

Boris Johnson's government is planning to force restaurants to hand over tips to staff and share pooled tips fairly under the Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill. A new code of practice will also be introduced.

Neil Moore, Unite Regional organiser for hospitality, said there are "justifiable suspicions" that the move is "little more than a cynical exercise in electioneering" and that the government has "no intention in following through" with the legislation.

“Even if the Tories are going to give in to the pressure built up by Unite and those other unions who have made an issue of the theft of hospitality workers’ wages, the reality is that since this is a devolved issue – this legislation would not extend to Northern Ireland," Mr Moore said.

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"Hospitality workers here would continue to be subject to this practice regardless of whether it is made unlawful in England and Wales.

“Last Sunday marked the one thousandth day without any functioning government here – it appears unlikely that hospitality workers can expect any help from local politicians in the near future."

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