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Some easyHotel Belfast rooms too small for Tourism NI approval

An exterior view of the easyHotel
An exterior view of the easyHotel

The certification of a new budget hotel in central Belfast remains in doubt a month out from its projected opening.

The 81-bedroom easyHotel is located in the 200-year-old Dax building on Howard Street, and uses the same branding as the easyJet budget airline.

Rooms in the £5m development are expected to be available from as little as £10 per room (although the average cost will be around £59), with its opening scheduled for next month.

However, the project could now be in doubt due to a number of rooms being below the stipulated minimum for Northern Ireland required by hotels to receive certification from Tourism NI.

The BBC reports the number of rooms with less than 13 sq m floor space is "sizable".

In a statement, the directors of easyHotel said they were working closely with Tourism NI to ensure the hotel is able to make it through the certification process - but did not mention whether it would have any impact on room size.

In a statement about easyHotel's certification's process it said: "Tourism NI conducts the certification process in strict confidence with the accommodation provider.

"Developers and operators are referred to the legislation as soon as plans are submitted to Tourism NI, including any requirements outlined within the legislation relating to room size. This legislation was drafted in 1992 and last updated in 2009 in regard to the removal of a floor to ceiling height specification."

The developers behind the development are David Crowe, former owner of toy store Leisureworld and Kevin Baird, former chief executive of Irish Heritage Trust.

The new four-storey accommodation will bring the number of hotel bedrooms to open in Belfast this year to 1,060.

Others easyHotels in the UK are located in major cities including London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow and more are expected to follow in the Republic of Ireland and overseas.

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