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Google Juice Bar comes to Belfast to help boost local companies digital profiles

Internet giant Google brought their free digital masterclass, called Google Juice Bar, to Belfast for the first time with a series of seminars and workshops designed to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

The event, hosted at the University of Ulster, Belfast, in partnership with SMEs and Google is to help SMEs and businesses to get the best from tools available on the Internet.

Gori Yahaya, Head of The Google Juice Bar, London, gave a presentation to over 200 SMEs and business owners in Belfast.

Gori Yahaya said: “This is really to demystify the issues that SMEs have with certain tools like Google plus, Google analytics, and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

He adds: “This is to help businesses understand what it means to have a larger web presence or to develop a better web presence.”

The Google Juice Bar travels to different towns and cities to help SMEs get the best of the free tools that are available online.

Kirsty McManus, Director of the SME Centre, said: “Google are here to encourage SMEs to learn about online technologies and to sell their products.”

She added: “The event sold out in just three days, so there is definitely a need for these seminars.”

Gori and his team can help SMEs check that themselves and their customers can navigate round their website easily, get access to the information and products they require.

These seminars help companies to develop and build E-skills, which in the long run should help make sales and gain business.

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