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'I can't imagine myself working anywhere else'

Q&A: Valerie Ludlow

By Margaret Canning

This week: ‘I can’t imagine myself working anywhere else’

Q: What's the best piece of business (or life) advice you've ever been given?

A: Bad news delivered quickly - good news can wait. It's always better to admit there's a problem and use the time to fix it.

Q: What piece of advice would you pass on to someone starting out in business?

A: Do not settle for comfortable.

Q: What was your best business decision?

A: Joining ASG & Partners. I The last seven years have been challenging but Colin Anderson (executive chairman) has offered me great opportunities to grow and develop.

Q: If you weren't doing this job, what would be your other career? 

A: I started out in market research and still get quite geeky about data and spreadsheets - so probably working in a research or data analytics role.

Q: What was your last holiday? Where are you going next?

A: Last family holiday was in Andalucia this summer. As for my next trip, I have just booked our flights for a weekend in Hartlepool.

Q: What are your hobbies/interest? 

A: I love to read - especially murder mysteries. I am also a keen cook - although I don't get as much time in the kitchen as I would like these days. I am also an avid collector of food magazines and cookbooks.

Q: What is your favourite sport and team?

A: I honestly don't have one - I've never been sporty.

Q: And have you ever played any sports?

A: See response above - although I'm a very competitive board game player.

Q: If you enjoy reading, can you recommend a book? 

A: I think the most challenging book I've read most recently is Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. It absolutely worth reading.

Q: How would you describe your early life?

A: On the whole it was pretty normal and happy. I'm the eldest of three children and we are all pretty close in age. I was lucky to have a mum who was prepared to pack us into her Mini and we would disappear for the day on an adventure. Dad was probably a bit more old school in his approach to parenting when we were growing up.

Q: Have you any economic predictions?

A: In the current political and economic climate I think I would be foolhardy to attempt any predictions.

Q: How would you assess your time in business with ASG & Partners?

A: The last seven years have been some of the busiest, occasionally stressful and most challenging years of my life. But it has never been boring. Working alongside Colin, I've learned to believe in myself as a potential leader in this industry and over the last two years his mentorship has helped me to achieve many of the career goals I had set for myself.

Q: How do you sum up working in the communications and advertising sector?

A: I've worked both on client side and agency side of the sector - and I think I thrive in an agency environment. No two days are ever the same. I love the sense of the team pulling together to hit a deadline or how surreal some creative brainstorming sessions can get in the quest to find the perfect solution for a client brief. I can't imagine myself working anywhere else.

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