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American pizzerias to benefit from Belfast's latest software centre

Steve Harper (left), executive director of international business at Invest NI, with Jason Ordway, chief technical officer at Slice
Steve Harper (left), executive director of international business at Invest NI, with Jason Ordway, chief technical officer at Slice

By Michelle Weir

A new software engineering centre that provides services for ordering pizza in the United States will open in Belfast creating 50 jobs.

New York company Slice has developed technology to help make online and mobile ordering and payment easier for pizzerias.

The service caters for approximately 10,000 American independent pizzerias enabling them to compete with the online and digital ordering platforms of large national pizza chains like Domino's.

Invest NI has offered £400,000 towards the creation of the new jobs. Eleven jobs are already in place. The roles will attract an average salary of over £40,000.

Jason Ordway, chief technology officer at Slice, said: "Pizza is big business in the US worth $45bn annually. Slice is the only technology platform that partners with local independent pizzerias. We currently have 10,000 pizzerias using the Slice platform.

"As part of our growth strategy we want to add new functions and improvements to our existing platform.

"The engineering team in Northern Ireland will develop new innovative solutions for the pizzerias, improving order efficiency and customer service.

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"I have had positive experiences of Northern Ireland as an investment location and, in particular, the software engineering talent here.

"When I joined Slice and we began talking about growing our engineering team, alongside those based in New York, I was quick to recommend Northern Ireland.

"We've had lots of support from Invest NI throughout this process, which has enabled us to get up and running quickly. We already have 11 staff on board and recruitment continues."

Steve Harper, executive director of international business, Invest NI, said: "We are delighted Slice has chosen to establish a software engineering base in Northern Ireland, creating 50 high-quality jobs. The technology area in which the company works is innovative and will give employees new skills and exposure to Apple's mobile App technology, used in the iPhone and iPad.

"This will add to the skills base in Northern Ireland and enhance the region's software development capability."

Slice was recently voted as one of the Best Places to Work in the United States as part of Inc. Magazine's Annual Best Workplaces survey.

The company says that it has had "positive experiences of Northern Ireland as an investment location".

This is the second US software firm to announce a new office in Belfast in recent days.

Applied Systems Inc, which makes products for the insurance industry, said it will employ 50 new staff during the next three years.

The international cloud-based software company is based in Chicago and has received support of £325,000 towards the creation of the roles.

It said it had been attracted to Northern Ireland by the large number of "talented, young engineers".

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