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IT company Neueda creates 230 NI jobs amid £20m investment


Paddy O’Hagan, on the roof of Neueda’s building in Weaver’s Court, Belfast

Paddy O’Hagan, on the roof of Neueda’s building in Weaver’s Court, Belfast

Kevin Scott / Belfast Telegraph

Paddy O’Hagan, on the roof of Neueda’s building in Weaver’s Court, Belfast

Northern Ireland IT company Neueda has announced a £20m investment bringing 230 new jobs paying an average of around £43,000.

The Belfast firm said it is now intending to repay the government after furloughing eight members of staff during lockdown.

Its expansion is being supported by economic development agency Invest NI with funding of £2.2m. The new roles - which include software engineers and cloud solution experts - are to be filled over the next three years, bringing job numbers to around 450.

Chief operating officer Paddy O'Hagan said furloughing had been a "prudent" measure at the onset of lockdown but that all staff were now back in their jobs.

The company will be repaying the furlough money to the government.

And he said homeworking would continue in the short-term though its offices at Lanyon Towers would be kept to provide a base for employees. But he said he did not expect the company to need bigger offices in future as use of homeworking would continue.

While the average salary for the new roles would be around £43,000, he said the more senior roles would have salaries of up to £80,000. He said the expansion had come about despite economic uncertainty and fears about the coronavirus pandemic. "Everyone is fearing a second spike and what's going to happen around Brexit but there is a point in time where we just have to dust ourselves off and get on with it, and look beyond to what next year looks like.

"With Brexit there is so much certainty, particularly as to whether services are covered in whatever deal we get, as well as access to talent as we need people with specific skills to come into Northern Ireland to augment the people we already hire."

Economy Minister Diane Dodds said Neueda was a business "to be proud of".

"The jobs will be created in a sector which our economic recovery plan has identified as an area where Northern Ireland can lead. The digital sector currently underpins many other sector and has the potential to grow rapidly providing more and better paid jobs.

"These jobs will contribute over £10m in additional annual salaries to the local economy.

"I would like to commend Neueda on taking further steps to grow its business in such challenging times and I wish it every success for the future."

Mr O'Hagan said the company was aiming to use the new investment to grow customer numbers outside Northern Ireland.

"We hope to drive sales in the US, Great Britain, mainland Europe and eventually into Asian markets where we see an abundance of opportunities for our services."

The company also has premises in Athlone in Co Westmeath, as well as in Malaga, New York, London and Riga.

Company clients include the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA). The business reported revenues of £23.4m in its latest accounts.

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