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More workers moving jobs amid fall in unemployment

By Margaret Canning

Recruitment firm Cpl has said Northern Ireland is home to a "vibrant" jobs market as unemployment falls and more opportunities open up.

Aine Brolly, chief executive of Cpl Solutions International - part of Irish plc Cpl Resources - said employees were able to move "with more fluidity than five years ago". And she said employers were now having to incentivise staff to keep them.

She added: "Our findings come as unemployment drops to 3.5%, which is close to a record low and a far cry from the 8.2% figure recorded in the aftermath of the 2008 recession."

The labour force survey for December to February this week recorded a fall of 1.8 percentage points in the jobless rate to 3.5%.

But trade union ICTU said the fall masked other problems, and a suggestion that a 3.5% rate amounted to full employment was misleading.

Assistant general secretary Owen Reidy said: "Firstly, the rate of economic inactivity continues to be the fundamental sticky issue in the labour market that sets Northern Ireland apart from Great Britain."

The province's inactivity rate is 27.9%.

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