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Northern Ireland redundancy figures highest in 17 years


Thousands have lost jobs in the coronavirus pandemic.

Thousands have lost jobs in the coronavirus pandemic.


Thousands have lost jobs in the coronavirus pandemic.

Redundancy figures in Northern Ireland for the past year were the highest since 2004, new government statistics have shown, while those in receipt of unemployment benefits is almost double that of last year.

During January, 190 redundancies were confirmed, taking the annual total to 5,150, the highest since 2004.

Meanwhile, in total 10,640 redundancies were proposed in the past 12 months, according to new figures released by the Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency (Nisra).

Northern Ireland also had the lowest unemployment rate throughout the UK over the last quarter at 3.6%, alongside having the highest economic inactivity throughout the nation at 28%.

While the unemployment figures have been impacted significantly as a result of Covid-19, the statistics also show that the total number of unemployed has been decreasing each month since May last year and is now 7,600 below the peak.

The pace of collective redundancy proposals has also slowed in the last two months following a record number in the six-month period between June and November.

The figures also showed that the average monthly pay for workers was £1,789 in December, an increase of 0.7% over the month and 6.9% over the year.

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