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Redundancies increase by 30% in Northern Ireland over last year



Redundancies have increased by 30% over last year.

Redundancies have increased by 30% over last year.

Facundo Arrizabalaga

Redundancies have increased by 30% over last year.

The number of confirmed redundancies in Northern Ireland has increased by 30% over the past 12 months.

The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency confirmed that 2,907 people have lost their jobs in the last year with 133 redundancies in July 2018.

There have been job losses at a number of large firms this year including Poundworld, Toys R Us, Wrightbus and Senasta Technologies.

Kilroot Power Station also closed its doors leading to the loss of 270 jobs.

There was a decrease of 0.4pps in the employment rate of 69.3% over the last quarter.

The unemployment rate in Northern Ireland from April to June 2018 was 3.8%.

This compared favourably to the United Kingdom who had an unemployment rate of 4% and the Republic of Ireland on 5.3%. The European Union had a 7% unemployment rate for the same period.

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Unemployment increased by 0.6pps over the quarter and decreased by 1.5pps over the year.

However, the long-term unemployment rate in Northern Ireland was more than double that of the United Kingdom making up three-fifths of those unemployed.

Northern Ireland's economic inactivity rate of 27.9% is the highest in the UK.

Of those currently unemployed in Northern Ireland 63.1% have been out of work for one year or more compared with 26.7% in the UK.