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Last-minute presents for the tech and gadget lover



There are plenty of gadgets on offer to make excellent gifts

There are plenty of gadgets on offer to make excellent gifts

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There are plenty of gadgets on offer to make excellent gifts

Like to leave it late to get the worker bee in your life their Christmas tech gift? We have you covered. Here are eight good choices that will delight any executive on Christmas morning.

1. Dex Dock (£112.53, Currys PC World)

Samsung's top-end phones have one great thing going for them -- they can turn into a full PC. Just plug a Note 8 or S8 into this Dex dock, which itself plugs into any monitor. The Dex uses the considerable horsepower of the handset to create a PC interface, including the use of a mouse. It's a brilliant add-on for anyone who already has one of these Samsung smartphones.

2. Apple Airpods (£159.99, available widely)

It so happens that the best wireless earbuds available under €200 are made by Apple. The audio quality is surprisingly good but the real surprise is how well they stay in your ears. They come with a well-designed little recharging box and work with any kind of phone.

3. Magnetic Dash Mount (£24.99, Maplin)

This is a stocking filler for someone you know who spends half their life in a car for work. The inexpensive gadget affixes onto a dashboard (or windscreen) and holds the smartphone in place using magnetism. There's no recharging facility on it, though.

4. Logitech Slim Combo for iPad Pro (£109.95 approx from Apple Store)

Apple iPad sales are up, partly because of the business-friendly iPad Pro. If you know someone getting one, this is a brilliant accessory. It's a top quality keyboard and cover in one. The keys are outstanding with great feedback and depth. It's slightly bulkier than Apple's own Smart Keyboard combination, but it's also cheaper.

5. Apple Nike Watch (£309, Argos)

For the tech-friendly executive who already has an eye toward fitness or sports goals for 2018, this is about the best crossover gadget you can buy. Apple's latest Series 3 Watch beats all comers when it comes to notifications and app integration (although only for iPhones). Its new waterproof, GPS model also has a growing prowess in fitness and health monitoring.

6. Olloclip Active Lens set (£69.97, Jessops)

IPhones may agave much improved cameras, but they have natural limits. This addition breaks through such limits, with a telephoto and ultra-wide angle lens that you can just affix on your iPhone. The results aren't optically perfect, but give excellent flexibility.

7. Nokia 3310 (£49.95 from Argos)

No, feature phones are never replacing smartphones again. But the reason this makes a great gift is as a back up: it takes ages to run out of battery life. This means it's great to pack as an emergency phone if you're heading off somewhere on business and are unsure about power sources.

8. Sony X300 USB turntable (£99 from Richer Sounds)

So the executive in your life wants to see what all the fuss is about vinyl without committing too hard to the format? Sony's X300 turntable plays hip records while also retaining a facility to record them digitally for playback on your phone. The quality is reasonable and it doesn't need a separate stand-alone amp.