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New energy agency takes off

By nigel Tilson

Ulster has a new energy agency.

Known as the Northern Ireland Energy Agency, it has emerged out of a consortium of Belfast-based Bryson Charitable Group, Fermanagh District Council and Derry City Council

And its aim is to provide advice and information and to encourage low carbon choices by consumers and small businesses in the areas of energy efficiency, transport and renewables.

With around half of all carbon dioxide emissions under the control of consumers, NIEA hopes that its activities will contribute to the province meeting energy targets laid out in the Sustainable Development Strategy.

The agency said the strategy has set Northern Ireland the target of reducing CO2 emissions by 30% by 2025 and greenhouse gases by 25% below a 1990 baseline.

"Northern Ireland needs an effective single platform for delivering energy efficiency, renewable energy and low carbon transport action," said John Steele, chairman of the Bryson Charitable Group.

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