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1,000,000 reasons why Belfast Telegraph is the most popular media service in Northern Ireland

By Mike Gilson

There are more than a million reasons why the Belfast Telegraph is THE modern media service for Northern Ireland.

Fifteen years ago the Belfast Telegraph took a brave and pioneering decision. Our newspapers would remain at the core of our existence but Royal Avenue would become a multi-media news service, supplying all of our readers’ and customers’ needs.

Websites updating 24/7, mobile phone apps, iPad editions and the early adoption of social media strategies followed over the years as did the continual progression of our newspapers and publications.

Today the fruits of that policy are becoming clear. Newly collated figures show that news and information gathered at Royal Avenue is seen by a million readers every week

We are proud of that figure. While others stuck to a narrow strategy we did not. And we are proud that it is the Belfast Telegraph alone that serves the modern, forward-looking Northern Ireland with an audience that best reflects the progress we have made.

Here's how the audited figures break down. The Belfast Telegraph, Sunday Life and Community Telegraph newspapers reach 585,000 readers each week. The figure for the Belfast Telegraph alone is 174,000.

Our stable of websites deliver an audience of 699,000 a week with achieving a staggering 493,000 UK and Ireland visitors every week.

And the success goes on. In total 15,800 users have our iPhone download and 16,400 have us on iPad.

And further... the Belfast Telegraph has almost 41,000 people following us on Facebook and Twitter. These figures are a testament to a determination to serve our audience in the way they want.

Our newspaper is fundamental to us but we serve people in so many different ways. Our story is of continuing growth and the excellence of our journalism.

Award winning paper

  • The Belfast Telegraph is currently the UK regional newspaper of the year as well as Northern Ireland newspaper of the year. UK judges said the newspaper had a "strong, clean design, great pictures and an authoritative air which made it an excellent read".
  • The newspaper has a daily readership of 174,000 with at least 413,000 people reading it weekly. The Belfast Telegraph’s circulation is the largest of any newspaper in Northern Ireland at 49,530*.
  • What's more, the newspaper has a readership that more closely represents the social make-up of the country.
  • Our readers are aspirational, largely urban dwelling and 52 per cent are women.
  • Fifty-nine per cent of readers describe themselves as Protestant and 31 per cent Catholic (10 per cent say they are neither Catholic nor Protestant).

Exclusive stories - it's what we do best


Sport - Northern Ireland's top team


The numbers*


Websites audience each week - 699,000

Newspaper daily readership - 174,000

Facebook - 22,000 'likes'

Twitter followers each week - 19,500

iPad - 16,400 people have our app

Social media - why we are such a big hit

  • The Belfast Telegraph’s social media communities are the best and most vibrant of any local newspaper.
  • On Facebook over 22,000 people follow the paper by ‘liking’ our Facebook page.
  • At any one time, more than 1,000 people are following or talking about Belfast Telegraph posts.
  • On Twitter, we have 19,500 followers and Belfast Telegraph stories and issues ‘trend’ regularly.
  • This represents a social media reach of more than 41,000 - and growing by the hour. To put that into context, that’s almost equivalent to the combined populations of Ballymena, Ballyclare and Randalstown.
  • To put this further into context, the Irish News has just over 4,000 Facebook likes, while the News Letter has just over 2,000. On Twitter, the Irish News has 11,000 followers, while the News Letter has over 9,000.
  • Social media is a brilliant way for the Belfast Telegraph to reach new readers and extend our reach, often to tech-savvy people not just in cosmopolitan areas but right across Northern Ireland.

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