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£1.7bn bill caused by EU red tape on tendering: claim

By David Hughes

Brussels red tape costs taxpayers £1.7bn a year through "foolish" rules governing the way public contracts are tendered, Brexit campaigners have claimed.

Justice Secretary and Vote Leave campaign chief Michael Gove said the rules added "significant operational costs" and caused expensive delays to projects.

The Brexit group claimed that rules aimed at ensuring firms were not discriminated against in competitions for public contracts had cost £8.43bn - enough to build 25 new hospitals - in five years.

Mr Gove said: "If we vote Leave, we can scrap the EU's foolish rules on how Whitehall runs its procurement processes, which add billions to the cost of Government.

"I've experienced first-hand in the Department for Education how these rules add significant operational costs and generate expensive delays to construction projects. Across Whitehall, there are billions to save after we vote Leave."

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