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600 jobs could go at oil and gas engineering company's plant

Up to 600 jobs are under threat as an oil and gas engineering firm considers closing its manufacturing operation in Leeds.

OneSubsea said the "most severe downturn of the past 30 years" in the sector has left many of its plants "underutilised".

The company employs more than 900 people in Leeds and the proposal to close its manufacturing, assembly and testing facilities in the city would mean the loss of around 600 of these.

The firm said its engineering, project management and tendering operations in Leeds would not be affected.

In a statement, OneSubsea said: "The oil and gas industry is going through the most severe downturn of the past 30 years, with operators significantly reducing their investment.

"This scenario has dramatically impacted OneSubsea order intake, leaving many of our plants underutilised."

The firm added: "We are considering a proposal to cease manufacturing, assembly and test activities in Leeds during 2017. We understand the impact of this announcement on our employees and the local community.

"This is only a proposal at this stage and we will be conducting consultation with the unions and employee representatives and make every effort to try and mitigate as much as possible the impact on our employees."

OneSubsea is owned by the giant American oil and gas services company Schlumberger.