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80% think pay gap in workplace too large

By Alan Jones

The Government has been urged to make pay rates fairer after a new study showed that most people believed the gap between the highest and lowest earners in their workplace was too big.

A survey of 2,300 adults showed that four out of five would support Government action to reduce the pay gap between high and low earners in both the public and private sectors.

Asked by the IPPR think tank about pay rises for certain groups, most people said cleaners and prison officers should have a pay rise of around 20%.

Nick Pearce, IPPR Director, said: "These polling results show that pay in Britain is out of kilter with the public's sense of just rewards. People think you should get paid what you deserve and don't see the current inequalities as a fair reflection of differences in effort and talent.

"People want to see the benefits of success more fairly shared within organisations, instead of a few top earners getting an ever bigger share of the pie.

"Executive pay has shot up over the last 30 years but there has been no proportionate rise in the value or performance of companies," Mr Pearce added.

"Meanwhile, wages for the bottom half of workers have been stagnating over the last few years."