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A cheap and sn-appy way of promoting your business

A new technology company in Belfast is opening up the mobile phone app industry by cutting the costs for ordinary users to design, build and launch their own apps.

JamPot Technologies has developed TheAppBuilder which enables businesses to make their own apps across platforms like Windows, Android, iPad and iPhone for a fixed fee of £9.99 per month.

A spokesman for JamPot, which is launching the technology today, said it could help every small to medium-sized business produce apps promoting their business and products.

JamPot chief executive James Scott said: "This technology empowers people and drives business.

"We've designed it from the ground up to allow non-technical people to produce their own apps in a few minutes.

"This opens up huge marketing and e-commerce potential for Northern Ireland's small to medium-sized businesses, making them more competitive at a time when it's needed most.

"We set out to revolutionise the old approach where businesses could spend up to £10,000 or more on creating apps across all devices.

"Our technology does it within five minutes and for only £10 per month.

"We feel we're ahead of the curve in levelling the playing field and enabling the widest possible access to app technology."