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A monthly fix for fans of roasted bean

By Staff Reporter

An entrepreneur from Lisburn has started a new subscription-only coffee business.

Martin Symington, owner of Pure Roast Coffee, has set up Wanted.Coffee, which roasts coffee beans from small batches.

Subscribers can then choose from a range of four roasts every month. Mr Symington said: "These beans are the finest we can find anywhere. They're our most desired, most respected, most wanted coffees - and that's where the name for the business came from."

He said Northern Ireland's taste in coffee was becoming more sophisticated: "People here have graduated very quickly from instant to high quality coffee. They appreciate the subtleties and slight differences in flavour."

Subscribers to Wanted.Coffee will receive an education in every roast they are sent.

"We tell our coffee club members about our coffee, how it's grown and how it has been roasted. We teach different ways of brewing. We give them tasting notes so they know the flavours to watch out for, so it's not just a cup of coffee, it's an experience worth savouring."

Frank McGrady of Marks Design said the company was breaking new ground by promoting itself solely using social media. Mr McGrady said: "In the e-commerce business, success is built on building a relationship with the customer."

Customers can sign up for three, six or 12-month periods.

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