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A pool of highly-educated people

Bill McGinnis, Northern Ireland advisor on employment and skills

Companies considering Northern Ireland can count on a pool of easily motivated and well-educated people, mostly young people keen to develop careers.

We offer a sophisticated skills training system including the Assured Skills Programme in which Invest NI and the Department for Employment and Learning develop the specific skills companies need for business success.

We seek to work with companies to provide the skilled workers to enable them to 'hit the ground running'.

Underpinning this structured approach is a commitment to strengthen skills in science, technology, engineering and maths, and increase management and leadership skills in the workforce.

This fully integrated approach to skills is geared to meet the specific needs of individual employers and involves the universities and Further Education Colleges working closely with government.

This has led to skills action plans being created for growth sectors such as ICT, food and drink processing and manufacturing and advanced manufacturing and engineering services.

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