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A rich and vibrant cultural sector

Mary Trainor-Nagele, Arts & Business Northern Ireland

The quality of our arts and culture – alongside health, education and justice – is one of the measures by which a society is judged.

The arts make a significant contribution to economic growth and recovery in Northern Ireland, which makes Northern Ireland the kind of distinctive, lively and entertaining place you would want to live and work in, and a good place to invest for the future.

This creative and enterprising culture is one of the reasons why businesses choose to locate and invest here.

It is also the reason why 40% of tourists say they come – that's a quarter of a million visitors each year, making cultural tourism an essential component of the tourist market.

Then there's our creative industries, which are one of our major sources of job as well as wealth creation, employing 36,000 people and generating £679m annually.

Many businesses in Northern Ireland champion the value of the arts and believe in the importance a rich and vibrant cultural sector makes to our creative economy and to their businesses and employees.

Whether it's the theatre, visual arts, dance, film, literature, music or public art, Northern Ireland is well equipped to deliver outstanding diversity for the arts to be enjoyed by everyone.

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