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Action plan needed to find next generation of leaders

By Staff Reporter

Companies in Northern Ireland are not focused enough on finding the next generation of business leaders, according to research.

Only 6% of respondents to Deloitte's survey said they had "excellent" programmes for developing leaders among the cohort of those born after 1982 - so-called 'millennial leaders'.

Leadership was the most pressing concern for UK companies for the third year running, according to Deloitte's human capital trends survey.

Euan Isles, leader of Deloitte's people and programmes consulting practice in Northern Ireland, said: "By 2025, millennials will represent three quarters of the workforce.

"With four million baby boomers retiring each year, millennials will become ever more important to organisations, and shape the world of work in the future.

"And yet, our research shows a clear lack of commitment to this vital group's development. This needs to be urgently addressed."

And eight in 10 respondents said their businesses suffered a lack of employee engagement as firms could not clearly define the culture of their business. Mr Isles said: "Clear organisational culture is now widely recognised as a critical challenge."

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