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Agriculture Minister set to visit China in pork mission

By Margaret Canning

Agriculture Minister Michelle O'Neill is to visit China to pave the way for exports of Northern Ireland's pork.

She said her visit would be part of the "relationship-building" necessary to agree trade terms with China.

"My planned visit in June will maintain the momentum on trade negotiations that I and my officials have made following our previous trips there," she said. Inspectors from China recently inspected the facilities of pork processors in Northern Ireland.

"It is important to visit China to thank them for undertaking the important inspections of our processors earlier this month, as this is a key step in approving the north to export pork."

She said that China had been identified as an important trade partner for agriculture products and held considerable export potential.

Meanwhile, dairy firms Dale Farm, Pritchitts and Fane Valley will join a delegation to food expo SIAL in Shanghai in May.

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