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Airtricity begins signing up NIE customers

Consumers in Northern Ireland can at last choose from today which electricity suppliers to switch on or off.

That’s because householders can officially sign up with southern-based Airtricity — the first rival to NIE Energy’s monopoly since the domestic electricity market was opened to competition in 2007. The new supplier has claimed to offer savings of almost £100 annually, but not everyone will be able to take advantage of the price war which is expected to follow.

Indeed, over a third of NIE’s 700,000 subscribers — those who currently use ‘pay as you go’ keypads – will be unable to switch for technological reasons.

Nevertheless, Airtricity is hoping to attract some 460,000 households here to switch over with a pledge to undercut NIE’s rates by 14% until September 2011. For further information call 0845 601 4321, or visit from 7am.

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